Miami-Dade Readers Fight Pending Library Cuts

By Jason Boog Comment

Miami-Dade Public Library supporters rallied all weekend, helping fight the potential closure of 22 libraries in Miami-Dade county.

They also released an open letter to Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez about how to avoid cuts. You can read more about the weekend rallies at this link:

At the Tailgate on Friday, we outreached to hundreds of people at branch locations who were still not aware that their library would be facing closure in October. At the Saturday Tailgate: over 700 people were informed that their libraries were closing, and what they could do about it. During this time, one library employee who was rallying during his off hours had an unfortunate encounter with our Commissioner Zapata, who stated to the rally goer that “he only cared about his job.” Today at the Country Walk Rally, over 200 people were informed that their local branch was closing, alongside 15 others, with 6 “Technology Learning Centers.”

If you want to lend your support, there is now an online petition opposing the cuts. You can donate to the library system, join the #SaveOurLibrary hashtag on Facebook or contribute to the larger #SaveOurLibrary hashtag on Twitter.

If you want to contact government officials about the cuts, the Miami Dade County commission has this contact page and Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez has this feedback zone.