Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries Series Concludes Tomorrow

By Jason Boog Comment

9780061232923.jpgThe ten-volume Princess Diaries series ends tomorrow as the titular heroine graduates from high school. There are no plans, so far, to follow the bestselling princess to college.

In 2000, author Meg Cabot launched the series, following the adventures of Mia Thermopolis, a fictional princess. The book sold 15 million copies worldwide and spawned two movies. According to USA Today, the series will end with Volume X: Forever Princess, the last book of the series.

Alongside the final volume, Cabot will publish a romance novel she wrote as an unknown author in the 1990’s–but the tie-in book will be published under Princess Thermopolis’ name. From Cabot’s newspaper interview: “Every girl who writes me says, ‘Mia’s exactly like me except she’s a princess’ … She really does have that Everygirl voice and Everygirl problems. Readers relate to her.” (Via Sarah Weinman)