McDonald’s UK to Distribute 15 Million Books

By Jason Boog Comment

Over the next two years, McDonald’s UK aims to distribute 15 million fiction and nonfiction books to families in the UK, creating partnerships with publishers, retailers and literacy organizations.

The project will begin by featuring DK’s Amazing World series from January 9, 2013 until February 12, 2013. According to National Literacy Trust director Jonathan Douglas, a survey of 21,000 UK children and young adults  found that half of the respondents “don’t really enjoy reading” and one in three of those same children don’t even own a book.

Here’s more about the promotion: “Created in response to a successful pilot in 2012, following which nine out of 10 parents said they would like to see more book promotions from McDonald’s, the Happy Readers campaign will launch with a five-week nationwide promotion. During those five weeks, Happy Meal customers will be able to enjoy a series of non-fiction books from award-winning publisher DK’s ‘Amazing World’ series.  The books, one of which will be included with every Happy Meal, will come with puzzles and stickers that bring to life topics including Stars and Planets, Big Cats and Oceans.”