Make an Interactive Book App For iOS or Android Using Moglue

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Moglue, a software company that lets you build interactive eBook apps for iOS and Android, has updated its platform making it easier to build and test eBook apps.

The company has rolled out the MoglueBuilder, a tool which is used to create interactive eBooks without programming skills, as well as the MoglueViewer, which you can use to preview the eBook apps on the device it is intended for. Authors and publishers an follow the tool to add their content and create an eBook app. These can include interactive features.

Publishers and authors can build a book once and then export it for both iOS and Android. It costs $199 to build an app for either iOS or Android, $299 for both, $999 for unlimited book apps for iOS or Android for the year and $1499 for unlimited book apps for both iOS and Android for the year.

MoglueBuilder tools work on Mac and Windows and the MoglueViewer tool is available as an app from iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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(Via TechCrunch).