Literary Dogs Fill Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual pet parade, a holiday display of literary pets around the globe. GalleyCat readers have sent in pictures all week–the largest response we’ve ever received to the pet parade. Look for more pet pictures all week.

Author and book industry journalist Melissa Mia Hall submitted that photo of a literary pup: “When I need help with book reviews my dog Daisy is always eager to lend a paw.”

Follow this link to see more pet parade photos. More cute pictures follow below–click to enlarge the individual photos.

Reader Jon Sternfeld sent that cute picture of Otis, the literary puppy.

Author Alma Katsu sent that picture. “Here’s a photo of my whippet, Abby, looking to cut 60 pages from my latest manuscript. An editor’s work is never done.”

Reader Becky Maines submitted that picture: “This is Shawonie, who likes to sit and read with me, enforcing a work break. Petting a cat prevents carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain, she assures me. Since her sister Turk, who appeared in last year’s pet parade, passed away 2 months ago, Shawonie has taken on additional responsibility for enforcing these petting breaks. Nobody minds a little fur on the pages, right?”

RLR Associates literary agent Scott Gould sent that photo: “In an effort to even out the inevitable onslaught of publishing cats, here’s my dog Maddie, deciding whether she should re-read A FAN’S NOTES.”