Lit Resolutions from Peter Brown, Naseem Rakha, Dan Parent & Sean Ferrell

By Maryann Yin Comment

Yesterday, the GalleyCat crew revealed their literary New Year’s resolutions. Today a few authors revealed their goals for next year. Share your resolutions in the comments section or on Twitter.

Children Make Terrible Pets kidlit illustrator/writer Peter Brown: “My literary new year’s resolution is: To finally write the first draft of that children’s novel I’ve been knocking around for the last few years.”

The Crying Tree novelist Naseem Rakha: “Number 1, get my second novel to my publisher. Number 2, begin to teach writing classes to a group of ‘lifers’ at both the men’s and women’s prison in Oregon. Number 3, help my son begin his own book review web site for kids.”

Archie Comics illustrator/writer Dan Parent: “My New Years’s goal for 2011 is to do my best to make Archie’s 70th year their greatest ever. I want to stretch my abilities to produce the best art and stories possible, and to take all of the momentum from 2010 and take it to the max for 2011!”

Numb author Sean Ferrell: “This year I resolve to not buy any new books until I read all the unread ones I have sitting around my home. This is a resolution I plan to break on or about January 2nd.”