Lit Resolutions from Kody Keplinger, Victoria Dahl, Stephen Markley & Isobella Jade

By Maryann Yin Comment

Yesterday, we revealed the literary New Year’s resolutions from authors. Today we continue with a few more authors who have set literary goals for the upcoming new year. Share your resolutions in the comments section or on Twitter.

The Duff YA writer Kody Keplinger: “My goal for 2011 is to break out of the ‘box’ and write something different from anything I’ve written before. Whether that means writing a screenplay for fun or writing a fantasy story, I don’t know yet. But this year, I want to challenge myself.”

Crazy for Love romance author Victoria Dahl: “I’d like to spend more time reading than writing.”

Publish This Book debut author Stephen Markley: “Write a screenplay, begin my third book, publish the second, finally read Freedom (without any preconceived notions or prejudices derived from the glowing reviews/ backlash) and somehow, someway buy a drink for actress Rosario Dawson (I understand that last one is unrelated to anything literary, but I’ve got to start putting the proposition into the public sphere).”

Short Stuff petite-model-turned-writer Isobella Jade: “My literary New Year’s resolutions are to continue to prove self-publishing can be a successful path, and to publish the teen novel that I am working on…”