Listing Summer Reading Lists

By Jason Boog Comment

seigeof.jpgEven though half the country has been buried under clouds, rainstorms, and generally gloomy weather patterns, blogger David Gutowski has created a gigantic list of more than 100 summer reading lists like good luck charms to bring back summer.

Gutowski runs the literary music blog, Largehearted Boy, specializing in this kind of strategic aggregation. The excellent collection includes such specialized lists as Summer Reads for Advertising Agency Executives and Geeky Summer Reading for the Two-to-Fives.

Here’s an excerpt from the Independent‘s Blockbuster Reborn list: “In [J.G. Farrell’s] character-rich, adventure-stuffed, satire-strewn sagas, he cheerfully kicked down the walls between ‘literary’ and ‘genre’ fiction. Behind Farrell’s return to favour lies a hunger, among readers of fiction and certainly among anxious publishers, for the blockbuster with brains.”