Lawrence Ferlinghetti Profiled in New Documentary

By Jason Boog Comment

This week a documentary about the legendary poet and bookseller Lawrence Ferlinghetti will hit theaters. We’ve embedded the trailer for Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder above–are you excited?

Check the film’s homepage for release dates. Over at The Huffington Post, filmmaker Matt Kohn described the documentary:

If you don’t know Ferlinghetti’s rich story, Felver’s film may seem to investigate multiple, divergent storylines, including a stint on J.P. Morgan’s yacht, Ferlinghetti’s search for his Italian parents, his wonderment with Catholicism, the place of the Beats in American history, and the power of counter-culture which created “The Human Be-In.” But the film does a great job of using expert witnesses and friends, like Dennis Hopper, who describe how Ferlinghetti’s poetry, paintings and politics were intertwined in their lives and the value of the art they made. There is footage of Ferlinghetti making paintings, doing readings, and speaking out about public issues.

(Via Jeff Gordinier)