Feline Muse Stars in Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual pet parade, a holiday display of literary pets around the globe. GalleyCat readers have sent in pictures all week–the largest response we’ve ever received to the pet parade. Look for more pet pictures all week.

Writer and publishing consultant Ellen Daly sent that book-loving kitty pic: “Here’s our cat (very originally named “kitty”) … She’s a rescue cat who showed up on our doorstep about 9 years ago and has been our muse ever since. She loves books, as you can see from the other pic.”

Follow this link to see more pet parade photos. More cute pictures follow below–click to enlarge the individual photos.

Emma Cunningham, digital and Internet coordinator at Harlequin, sent that photo: “Here is a picture of my cat, Dash, camping out in some wrapping paper.”

Author Valda DeDieu submitted that photo: “Big M … He is a presence in one reincarnation or another in every novel of mine, a la Dean Koontz, who has a Golden Retriever (after his Goldie, Anna) in many of his. Big M is truly a mensch among dogs … and he holds my heart in his tiny paws.”

Author J.R. Mackenzie sent us this photo of Tom the Church Cat. She explained: “Here is my cat, a Maine Coon who served as inspiration for a character blog and novel, A Temptation Tale, about a rather unorthodox Catholic parish in the city of Pennshaven, Pennsylvania.”

Ann Evans Locker from The Hiring Centre sent that picture, explaining: “[Here] is a photo of my two cats Bronte (black) and Colby (black and tan tabby) on my deck this last August.”