KFC to Republish Colonel Sanders’ Memoir on Facebook

By Jason Boog Comment

On Monday, KFC will release a free eBook edition of a memoir written by Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of the fried chicken chain.

Originally published in 1966, the book contains recipes and stories about the cook who built a fast food empire. Readers need to “like” the autobiography and authorize the Facebook app to read the book. Follow this link to get the book next week.

Here’s an excerpt about his childhood: “In those days children did a lot of things youngsters don’t do anymore. Take thrashing, for example. When the boys were thrashing wheat, we carried 160-pound sacks from the thrashing machine to the stock pile with our teeth. When I tell people that today, I can see that they don’t believe me. But it’s the truth. I guess it’s because I carried wheat like that, that I have such a strong neck right now. But as I say, country boys dealt with a whole lot of things then that city boys never knew anything about. We had to cut the wood for our kitchen stove ourselves. About 40 acres of our farm was in a wooded lot, so we had plenty of wood to cut.” (Via the Guardian)