Keep those New Year’s Resolutions Comin’

By Carmen Comment

And several of you have done quite nicely. First up is Tara McCarthy, author of LOVE WILL TEAR US APART:

I resolve to never let the words ‘chick lit’ come out of my mouth in 2006. I may even start some kind of web-based support group for publishing types who are trying to kick the habit.

Can’t really argue with that — I guess the publishing world can’t really appropriate “adult contemporary” though, can they?

Steve Clackson’s resolutions will resonate for many folks who read this and other publishing-oriented blogs:

I’ve finished my first novel and my main goal is to get it published or at least under contract in 2006. I’m working on my second one and have started a new blog. I would also like more time to read in 2006, something I missed this past year.

And Michelle Richmond has a resolution that’s probably closer to my heart than most:

Resolution: I will read a mystery! Yes, an honest-to-goodness potboiler, complete with smokin’ guns and dark-cloaked villains. The closest I came to it this year was Paul Auster’s Moon Palace, which probably doesn’t really count. I think a lot of writers of literary fiction (myself included) have plenty to learn from a good page-turner. Seeking recommendations!

I guess it can’t hurt to plug my own site then, can it?