Joseph O’Neil, Lorraine Adams, and Colum McCann Named 2010 Guggenheim Fellows

By Jason Boog Comment

Today a number of writers were picked from some 3,000 applicants for the annual Guggenheim Fellowship competition. Joseph O’Neil, Lorraine Adams, and Colum McCann were among the fiction fellows.

The complete list of literary winners follows after the jump. In all, 180 fellowships were awarded to artists, scientists, and scholars this year. According to the site, amounts of the individual awards vary based on the needs of each fellow.

Here’s more from the fellowship site: “During the rigorous selection process, applicants will first be pooled with others working in the same field, and examined by experts in that field: the work of artists will be reviewed by artists, that of scientists by scientists, that of historians by historians, and so on. The Foundation has a network of several hundred advisers, who either meet at the Foundation offices to look at applicants’ work, or receive application materials to read offsite. These advisers, all of whom are themselves former Guggenheim Fellows, then submit reports critiquing and ranking the applications in their respective fields. Their recommendations are then forwarded to and weighed by a Committee of Selection, which then determines the number of awards to be made in each area.”

Lorraine Adams for Fiction
Joel Brouwer for Poetry
Ethan Canin for Fiction
Anthony Doerr for Fiction
Neil Freudenberger for Fiction
Peter Godwin for General Nonfiction
Philip Gourevitch for General Nonfiction
Kimiko Hahn for Poetry
Barbara Hamby for Poetry
Paul Harding for Fiction
Jonathan Harr for General Nonfiction
Molly Haskell for General Nonfiction
Juan Herrera for Poetry
Victor LaValle for Fiction
Nathaniel Mackey for Poetry
Colum McCann for Fiction
Anne Mendelson for General Nonfiction
Philipp Meyer for Fiction
Maggie Nelson General Nonfiction
Mark Nowak for Poetry
Joseph O’Neil for Fiction
Jed Perl for Biography
Patrick Phillips for Poetry
David Rhodes for Fiction
Jill Rosser for Poetry
Salvatore Scibona for Fiction
Peter Trachtenberg for General Nonfiction
Monique Truong for Fiction
Irene Vilar for General Nonfiction
Laura Walls for Biography