John Green Novel Accidentally Leaked by Barnes & Noble

By Jason Boog Comment

Today novelist John Green acknowledged that B& had accidentally shipped some pre-orders of his highly anticipated novel, The Fault in Our Stars.

Here’s more from the novelist: “The people who made this error were not bad or incompetent people, and they were not acting maliciously. We all make mistakes, and it is not my wish to see Barnes and Noble or any of their employees vilified. If you happen to receive an early copy of The Fault in Our Stars, you should of course feel free to read it. (You should also feel free to wait until January 10th.) But please do not spoil it for other readers. Please don’t share quotes or reveal plot or anything else that might negatively affect other people’s reading experience.”

At his Tumblr blog, Green said he had hoped his readers could all tackle the book together on its January 10th release date. Green spoke at our Publishing App Expo earlier this year, follow this link to read his commentary. (Via Sarah Weinman)