James Joyce Spotify Playlist

By Jason Boog Comment

For all the modernists in the audience, Spotify Classical Playlists has created a 38-song collection of music from (and inspired by) the work of novelist James Joyce.

Here’s more about the list from Spotify Classical Playlists: “[it includes] Syd Barrett‘s Golden Hair (based on a poem from Chamber Music), Kate Bush‘s Flower Of The Mountain (based on Molly’s soliloquy), Jefferson Airplane‘s Rejoyce, John Cage‘s Roaratorio (based on Finnegans Wake), Finnegan’s Wake by The Dubliners … The playlist starts with Eolian Episode from Ulysses, mixed to Satie‘s Gnossiene, and ends with April/ALP from Wake, mixed to the music of Oval, both passages were read by Joyce himself, and mixed by DJ Spooky.”

Follow this link to get a Spotify invite for the free service. Once you have an account, check out our Thomas Pynchon Spotify playlist, our Ann Patchett Spotify playlist and the new James Joyce Spotify playlist. If you create a Spotify playlist with music from a specific author, be sure to share it with us.

James Joyce Spotify Playlist

James Joyce – Eolian Episode
Mary O’Hara – Silent O Moyle
Patricia Sabin – I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls
John McCormack – Oft in the Stilly Night
Alessandro Bonci – La Rookie: I’ll sing thee songs of Araby
Unknown – Love’s Old Sweet Song
Edwin Biltcliffe – Brigid’s Song
Kjell Bækkelund – Blumenlied, Opus 39
Josef Locke – The Holy City
Enrico Caruso – Martha (Italian): Martha Oder Der Markt Zu Richmond: M’appari Tut Amor
Ian Caddy – Maritana: Act II, Scene 1: Song (Don Caesar)
James Griffett – The Bloom is on the Rye: The Bloom is on the Rye
John McCormack – The Low Backed Car
Declan Hunt – The Croppy Boy
Dick Robertson – Sweet Rosie O’Grady
Sally Silver – Killarney
John Browning – Barber: Nuvoletta Op.25
The Ambrosian Singers – Sullivan: The Lost Chord
The Dubliners – Finnegan’s Wake
Lucy Shelton – Del Tredici: Syzygy for soprano, horn, chimes and chamber ensemble (1968) – Ecce puer
Lucy Shelton – Del Tredici: Four Songs on Poems by James Joyce – 4. Monotone
Lola Harding – 2 Settings From Finnegans Wake: No. 1. Isobel
Califone – VIII
Syd Barrett – Golden Hair
James Goldsworthy – Joyce Cycle: Sleep Now
John Cage – Roaratorio: An Irish Circus On Finnegans Wake – Part Four – To End
Kate Bush – Flower Of The Mountain
Jefferson Airplane – Rejoyce
Toru Takemitsu – Riverrun
Toru Takemitsu – A Way A Lone
Paul Polivnick – RiverRun: II. Leafy Speafing
Musicians Accord – Chamber Music – Monotone
DJ Spooky – April/Anna Livia Plurabelle (Finnegan’s Wake) – Remix