Interview: Self Publishing Your Twitter Feed

By Jason Boog Comment

TweetBookz_Logo_S.gifYesterday GalleyCat readers both praised and poo-pooed the most recent development in Twitter-land: TweetBookz, a way to self publish your Twitter feed into a self-published $30 hardcover or $20 paperback.

To find out more, GalleyCat caught up with Rob Goldstone, one of the promoters from Definitely Something, the web strategy agency behind TweetBookz. “Most of our work is spent on sites like Twitter, on behalf of our clients, and one day we started joking around with the idea that it would be cool to see all our writing in a more permanent form,” explained Goldstone. “So far the reactions have been very positive, with early book orders and lots of blogs picking up on the story. We hope its just the beginning and are ready for the holiday shopping boom.”

We also asked the most important question. Who will pay $30 for a hardcover version of their Twitter feed? “We expect there to be several different kinds of customers. Someone may start writing in Twitter because they know they’ll be able to get a book at the end of some kind of experience (such as a pregnancy),” explained Goldstone.

He concluded: “Others may create books of the tweets they consider their funniest or most inspiration. Some may go to the extreme and pick only tweets about the basics of life such as what they ate or what they did that day. We’d also love to see companies active on Twitter ordering their own TweetBookz as gifts for their employees or customers.”