Inappropriate Coloring Books

By Maryann Yin Comment

Would you ever use a coloring book as a tool to teach your children about the Tea Party or female anatomy? Flavorpill has compiled a list called “10 Really Inappropriate Coloring Books That Actually Exist.”

Some of the other topics covered by these ten books include gangster rap, Christian conservatism and tax sheltering. The recently released Occupy, a 36-page work about the Occupy Wall Street movement, tops the list.

Here’s more from the product description: “With millions of people around the globe watching Occupy unfold daily, parents, teachers, educators and simply ‘interested people’ have asked for an educational piece that captures this culture defining event and moment in history. Accurately depicted in detailed line art and conversation the book includes modern and historical figures with quotations from Plato to O’Reilly, Hannity to Maddow, Obama to Boehner. There are pages dating back to the Robin Hood era, drawings of various parks, political views from every angle and a few surprises with imaginative satirical pages. ”

Considering the standard for inappropriateness set by these coloring books, do you think the recent Douglas Coupland publication, Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, lives up to its title? The National Post has called the Graham Roumieu-illustrated project “Roald Dahl meets Stephen King.” According to the Vancouver Sun, the book stars a motley crew of seven wacky characters including Donald the Incredibly Hostile Juice Box, Brandon the Action Figure with Issues and Hans the Weird Exchange Student.