Hyperion Reorg Includes A New “Digital Marketing” Department


By Glynnis Comment

New Hyperion president Ellen Archer is refining her strategy in the wake of founder and longtime president Bob Miller‘s departure: She has promoted relatively new hire Will Balliet, who had been Editorial Director, to Editor in Chief and Executive Director, and she’s imported Mindy Stockfield, who had been a VP of Digital Media at Disney-ABC television — Disney also owns Hyperion — to oversee a new “Digital Marketing” department. Stockfield had been responsible for production and operations of DisneyChannel.com, PlayhouseDisney.com, ToonDisney.com, RadioDisney.com, Jetix.tv and ABCKids.com. This means that Hyperion’s website will probably stop being so sad, and it’s also another clear indicator that the relationship between Hyperion and ABC-Disney is getting cozier.