How to Make Your Writing More Visible Online

By Jason Boog Comment

Writers and publishers invest lots of money into creating mobile and digital versions of their books, but the toughest part is finding readers for these new works.

Author and Altimeter Group analyst Rebecca Lieb just published Content Marketing, a book showing how authors can make their writings, books and apps more visible online. She will share advice in a keynote presentation at the Publishing App Expo this week. In an email interview, she gave us a few extra pointers.

Lieb explained: “To achieve search visibility, you have to create content, pure and simple. But this is great news for authors. Why? Because with search (like in the Bible) it all begins with the Word, and authors are natural wordsmiths. Search engines can’t listen to podcasts and they can’t watch videos, but they can (and do) read the written word.”

She continued: “So what authors have to do to achieve online visibility is to create and publish lots of relevant content online. What’s relevant? Stuff that’s related to the subject matter of their book, of course – but not necessarily all about their book. Target terms people may be searching if they’re interested in the subject matter.”

She added: “Non-fiction is a slam dunk as far as this is concerned, of course. Travel, how-tos, the Iraq War – all easy to get going on with a blog, a Facebook presence, tweets, you name it. It gets more complicated for fiction – but it’s still doable. Historical novel? Write about the backstory: the period, the issues of the day, the manners and mores and research that informed the book, for example.”
Lieb concluded: “Of course, content that exists in a vacuum matters less than content that’s linked to, commented on and shared. Enlist friends’ help. Comment on relevant sites and blogs, and link back to your own. Create an author page on Amazon with links. Update regularly and frequently; search engines award sites that are dynamic rather than static. Read up on keyword research and use those findings. It’s easy to learn what terms users use when they want to find what you’re writing about. It’s important to use their language, not just your own, to be findable.”
If you are on a budget, you can still register for a one-day Publishing App Expo pass and catch Lieb’s keynote presentation on December 8th.