How To Bring Your Book To Book Clubs

By Jason Boog Comment

g2m_logo.gifThere’s never been a better time to take your book straight to book clubs, according to a number of GalleyCat readers.

Last week, GalleyCat reported how novelists Joshua Henkin and Kelly Simmons have collectively spoken with 150 reading groups in person or by speakerphone–pioneers of the self-guided book group tour. Readers chimed in with plenty of suggestions for authors interested in created self-guided book club tours.

One reader suggested: “Webinar software such as Gotomeeting and Webex can support hundreds of listeners at a time. I’m surprised writers aren’t using this more.”

Mindy Klasky wrote: “I created the Book Groups Wiki, to facilitate authors getting in touch with book groups. Using simple templates, anyone can add their profile as an author or as a book group coordinator. Authors can indicate their willingness to travel, to meet with groups in person.”

Doreen Orion shared this experience: “I’ve ‘visited’ dozens of book clubs in this way since my humorous travel memoir, QUEEN OF THE ROAD was published by Random House this summer … I do think it’s been an effective marketing tool: My book is already in 6th printing.”