How To Add a Twitter Header Photo

By Jason Boog Comment

Is your Twitter photo surrounded by empty grayness? You need to upload a new header image!

AllTwitter explained why: “Twitter started rolling out its Facebook-a-like header photos to profiles back in September, and users who haven’t yet implemented this new functionality have until tomorrow (December 12th) to upload a suitable image. Otherwise, Twitter is going to force the change upon you, and you’ll be left with a default grey box. This isn’t permanent – you can change your header photo at any time. But, as Twitter says, the grey background isn’t exactly fun.”

We’ve embedded a video above that shows you how the new profile pictures work. Below, we’ve collected a few easy steps for how to add a Twitter header photo to your account.

1. Go to your Twitter page. Click the “Edit your profile” button on the upper right hand side of the page (see image below).


2. Click the “Change header” button to upload a new image to your account (see image below). Follow this link for more advice

3. If you need to find a new header image, you can browse your own photographs or explore this list of public domain images online.

a) Creative Commons search on Flickr

b) The Library of Congress’ image collection to find public domain images

c) American Memory Project to find public domain images

d) for public domain books with images

e) Public Domain Images Google Search