How To Add a Soundtrack To Your Book

By Jason Boog Comment

booktrackWish your book could have a soundtrack? The Booktrack app that will help authors add a soundtrack to a digital book.

AppNewser has all the details:

The application is available for iOS devices and as a Chrome app. You can use it to record audio tracks and then insert them into your text. Once you do so, you can export the files to sell the title within the Booktrack community where you can also shop for books with sound effects.

In a Morning Media Menu interview, we talked with founder Brooke Geahan about the tool. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

We are releasing ‘In the South,’ a beautiful story [Salman Rushdie] wrote about two friends and the tsunami that hit India. For that we had composer John Psathas, an award winning musician and huge fan of Rushdie. So he jumped at the chance to actually read ‘In the South’ and interpret it–as well as compose a score for it.

In the video trailer embedded below, you can watch a tutorial for adding videos to your Booktrack book.