How a Poem Spread To 1,500 Baseball Fields

By Jason Boog Comment

Sign found on a Youth Baseball field

As Little League season unfolds this spring, you can see the “He’s Just a Little Boy” poem by Chaplain Bob Fox tacked to fences at 1,500 baseball diamonds around the country. The photograph of one of those signs (embedded above) has already been viewed more than 55,000 times online.

Farmers Insurance Group agent Joel McKinnon helped spread the inspirational poem nationwide last year. Even though the poem was published more than 70 years ago, these signs will remind generations of kids and parents to support little kids as they learn a sport. Here’s more about how the poem traveled:

I took it upon my self to reach out to Ryon Harms, Director of Social Media forFarmers Insurance – I asked him to look at the activity that this post was getting – after a few attempts Ryon pulled it up – After seeing the viral affect this had he asked if he could post this on the Farmers Insurance corporate Facebook page – “sure I said” – within seconds there were thousands of likes, comments, & shares and a trend that had started on our page carried over … After some discussion Ryon presented me with the idea of having 500 of these signs made and distributed to local communities all over the US  … Farmers posted an application on their corporate page for “fans” to request a sign – More or less instantly the signs were “sold out” and we actually had received nearly 1,500 requests – Next thing you know our 500 sign project turned into 1,500 –