Home Shopping Network Features Eat, Pray, Love

By Jason Boog Comment

In an unexpected new mix of literature and commerce, the Home Shopping Network is featuring a massive array of literary merchandise to support the upcoming adaptation of Eat, Pray Love. Which writers would you like to see on the Home Shopping Network next? Add your thoughts in the comments section.

In the video embedded above, you can check out the “Nourish Your Soul” Organic Cotton Screen-Print Tee being sold on the Home Shopping Network to promote the upcoming film. “Feed your spirit for adventure and excitement!” explains the video.

You’ve never seen literary merchandising quite like these Home Shopping Network videos. We recommend you check out the Eat, Pray, Love Perlier Body Cream Trio video or the Eat, Pray, Love 500 Thread Count Sheet Set for some mid-afternoon entertainment. (Via E.B. Boyd)