Harry Potter eBooks Now Available for $7.99

By Jason Boog Comment

Today Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Pottermore revealed that the beloved Harry Potter series is finally available in digital formats. The individual books sell for $7.99 each–well below the price for the average bestselling eBook.

Follow this link for the Amazon books. Follow this link for the Barnes & Noble books. The books are DRM free, but come with a special digital watermark “that relate to the book, to the purchaser and the purchase time. This allows us to track and respond to possible copyright misuse.” According to Pottermore, the books will be available in English, with French, Italian, German and Spanish coming soon.

Here’s more from the Pottermore site: “We have partnered with the following services to make it easy to send your Harry Potter eBook to your account. (Subject to reading service availability in your country.): Sony Reader online account (US and Canadian based customers only). Amazon Kindle (available in most countries). Barnes & Noble NOOK (US and Canadian based customers only). Google Play (This service is currently available in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States). The accounts are linked during the download process … Please note you can link to one account per reading service.”

Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon link directly to Pottermore for the final eBook sale. Below, we’ve made a screen capture of the actual download screen–the book can be downloaded for Sony, Google, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Learn more at this video link.

Amazon’s page explained the process:

Harry Potter Kindle books can be purchased at J.K. Rowling‘s Pottermore Shop, a third-party site. Clicking on “Buy at Pottermore” will take you to Pottermore Shop, where you will need to create a separate account. Like all Kindle books, books purchased from Pottermore are ‘Buy Once, Read Everywhere’ and will be delivered to your Kindle or free Kindle reading apps.

Here’s more from Barnes & Noble about the purchase:

You’ll be taken to Pottermore.com and asked to sign in or create a new account. Once you do, you’ll immediately get access to this book, and other exclusive writings from J.K. Rowling.

As of this writing, Google Play and the Sony Reader Store don’t have pages set up for the new eBooks.