Happy Unofficial Agent Appreciation Day

By Jason Boog Comment

Eighteen-year-old novelist Kody Keplinger declared today Unofficial Agent Appreciation Day, and GalleyCat thought her loving tribute to her agent–along with the online mobilization of other authors–deserved a Friday afternoon post.

Here’s an excerpt from her tribute to her agent, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe at Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation: “Like all writers, I often find myself stumbling into the ocean of overwhelming self-doubt. This is normal, I believe. But Joanna never lets me swim out in that ocean too far. One of the amazing things about my agent is that she truly, honestly believes in my work, even when I might not.”

Above, the author and agent are pictured together. Feel free to leave a tribute to the agent in your life in your life in the comments section. Look for more about the life of a 21st Century agent during our eBook Summit coverage next week.