H.M. Ward’s Publishing Predictions For 2015

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Muscular bodySelf-published author H.M. Ward is a regular on our self-published bestsellers list. GalleyCat caught up with the bestselling romance author of  to discuss her predictions for 2015.

“Savvy authors who built their brands for the past few years will begin to utilize their brand in ways traditional publishers failed to do,” said Ward. “They savvy indie will utilize their brand loyalty to build up more indies, connect with new readers and offer opportunities to readers that have been absent until now. Examples include everything from apps to text messages.”

Ward has experimented with interactive ways to communicate with her readers. For instance, readers can now flirt with her popular character Sean Ferro via text message. Besides offering a fun way to interact with a book in the real world, the function allows her to build a list to promote her text-o-gram feature which alerts readers when a new book hits shelves. Ward is also interacting with readers and letting them get involved through Kindle Worlds, a fan fiction site. 

“HM Ward Press has been setting all these stones and more in place for the past 24 months,” she said. “It’s been a wild ride and it’s awesome to have helped so many authors and readers.”

In the new year, Ward says that: “Indie authors and readers are set to benefit from their mutual loyalty to one another, because of a relationship that corporate publishers were never able to develop. It’s about ease, fun, and friendship between the writer and the reader.”