Guys Lit Wire Hosts Book Fair to Help Ballou Senior High School

By Maryann Yin Comment

Guys Lit Wire (GLW) is hosting a book fair to help out Ballou Senior High School. This year’s event will run from October 1st to October 14th.

The library in this Washington D.C.-based secondary school currently holds 5,484 books in its collection. By the continuing efforts of this annual book fair event, GLW hopes that this institution will eventually be able to meet the American Library Association’s (ALA) standard of 11 books for each student. Those who wish to join GLW can purchase titles through Powell’s Books; refer to this list of 450+ books. From there, ship your order to school library Melissa Jackson.

Here’s more from GLW’s blog post: “After three previous online book fairs to help stock the shelves, we were already planning to return to Ballou but the news that libraries in particular were facing major cost cutting measures in the city has just strengthened our commitment. When we began with Ballou in 2011 there were just over 1,500 books in the library, or 1.25 for each of the nearly 1,200 students.”