Guns n’ Roses Bassist Scores Book Deal; Joins Jane’s Addiction

By David Comment


Duff McKagan confirmed rumors that he has signed on with Touchstone to write a memoir.

McKagan announced the news (which had been percolating for about a month) via his column in Seattle Weekly last Thursday. He also took the opportunity to shoot down a couple assumptions we might be making about how this project will unfold.

Writes McKagan: “I want to also make clear that this book is not a GN’R ‘tell-all’ or some other such ‘rock’ book. Rather, it will be a story of an ordinary guy who met with extraordinary circumstances, and the circumnavigation through these situations.”

And second, McKagan will apparently not be using a ghost-writer: “I WILL be writing this myself, thick or thin,” he says.

McKagan’s right that ghost-written rock star tell-alls are a dime a dozen. In fact, Slash, the GnR guitarist, did his own three years ago. (Title: Slash.) But the flip-side is that, well, sometimes rock star tell-alls are awesome. And it’s hard to sell a story about circumnavigation.

McKagan will be working with Stacy Creamer, the Touchstone VP and Publisher, and Tim Mohr, his old editor at Playboy. The book is due out Fall 2011. In the meantime, Dave Navarro announced via twitter today that McKagan will be joining Jane’s Addiction as a full-time bassist.