Google Counts 48 Billion App Installs

By Jason Boog Comment

How will we read with Google Glass?

Mashable has created a Google Glass app called Mashable Velocity for Google Glass, sending quick alerts users to readers before a story goes viral. AppNewser has all the details:

When the app predicts that a story will go viral, the Google Glass user will get an alert. Users can decide to have Glass read a summary of the story to them aloud or share the story on their social networks. Mashable created the Velocity tool, which predicts which stories will go viral before they go viral, back in December when they relaunched their website.

Our AppNewser reporters have covered a number of Google releases today, reporting on the Google I/O conference. Here’s more about Google’s new music service:

Google is introducing its own radio and music discovery program. It’s call All Access and it costs $9.99 per month. At first glimpse it seems revolutionary and comprehensive. Google’s radio allows you to do what most other radio services don’t – easily change the order of songs, easily remove songs, and add songs to personal libraries.

They also looked at how Android has spread around the world:

Hugo Barra, VP of product management at Android, revealed that Google Play has just crossed 48 billion app installs, including 2.5 billion installs in the last month. He also said that so far this year, Google has already paid out more money to developers in Google Play than in all of last year and he said that than that revenue per user is 2.5x what it was a year ago globally.