Ghost Story Book Comes To Life Using 3D Augmented Reality App

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Next month, Goosebottom Books is releasing a book about famous historical ghost stories called Horrible Hauntings retelling the hauntings of Bloody Mary and the Princess in the Tower just in time for Halloween. But unlike other versions of these classic legends,  the new release written by Goosebottom’s founder Shirin Bridges and illustrated by William Maughan, uses augmented reality to make the ghosts come to life in 3-D.

The 3-D experience is triggered by a companion app. By pointing a phone or tablet at the book, the Headless Horseman, the Flying Dutchman and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, among others, will appear on the pages of the print book.

AppNewser has more: “Goosebottom worked with app maker Trigger Global on the release. Trigger Global has a number of different entertainment apps under its belt including apps for the films Salt, The Green HornetDrag Me To Hell, and G.I. Joe, but this is the company’s first augmented reality book project. Jason Yim, president and executive creative director of mobile, at Trigger, also happens to be Bridges’ brother. Bridges explained to Publisher’s Weekly where the idea came from: ‘Jason conceived of Horrible Hauntings. When we were growing up we both loved ghost stories, and he wanted me to publish a great ghost book for kids.'”