Game of Lawsuits

By Carmen Comment

Has any book excerpt garnered as much fanfare as when Sports Illustrated ran a piece of GAME OF SHADOWS, the upcoming expose on Barry Bonds and drugs in baseball? Well now that the book’s about to be published in its entirety (garnering a rave from b-ball fan Michiko Kakutani) Bonds has decided to sue the authors, alleging that Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams have “made a complete mockery of the justice system.”

The problem, at least in lead attorney Michael Rains’ mind, is that the authors used “illegally obtained” grand jury transcripts to write the book. “What we’re saying is, who are the real cheaters? They are the ones who are using these illegally obtained materials,” Rains said.

Williams and Fainaru-Wada said the book will stand up to a court challenge, and my own feeling is that the lawsuit’s just a big case of hot air. But with the Da Vinci Code trial winding down, there has to be a new circus in town…