Game of Books Raises $104,500+ on Kickstarter

By Jason Boog Comment

The Game of Books project has raised more than $104,500 on Kickstarter, funding a new way to keep track of how many books you have read.

The website will log how many books you have read, giving readers badges for reading books with unique combinations of themes. Players will also receive experience points for individual books, rewarded for reading within specific themes like vampires or military novels.

You can already explore a working demo of The Game of Books. We’ve embedded the game’s trailer below–what do you think?

Here’s more from the company: “The Game of Books is an innovative way to keep track of what experiences you’ve gained as you read.  The Game uses the cutting-edge technology of the Book Genome Project – which uses computers to analyze books for thematic and writing style make-up, similar to, but for books – to track what themes and experiences a reader encounters in each book. Each time you claim a book you’ve read in The Game, you receive credit for those experiences in the form of badges and experience points.”