Faith Erin Hicks to Publish a Prose Novel

By Maryann Yin Comment

Faith Erin Hicks (GalleyCat)Faith Erin Hicks has signed a book deal with Roaring Brook Press. She has written the manuscript for a novel entitled Comics Will Break Your Heart.

For Hicks, it did not feel right to present this story as a graphic novel which is why she decided to try her hand at prose. At this point in time, no publication date has been announced.

Here’s an excerpt from Hicks’ Tumblr post: “I liked the idea of a story about two teens (Miriam and Weldon), stuck in a small Canadian town for a summer, who had a link to the history of comics. Years ago their grandfathers had created comic book characters (called The TomorrowMen) who were about to star in their very own $200 million dollar movie. (“It’ll be bigger than The Avengers,” one character says.) But Miriam and Weldon have different perspectives on their grandfathers’ creations.” (via Comics Alliance)