Elaborating the Murdoch Empire

By Kathryn Comment

pamonbooks.jpgMaud posted this Fox-wide newsletter because she “wouldn’t piss on Rupert Murdoch if he was on fire.” GC’s motivation to repost the newsletter, however, is an admission of poor mental health; I fear the day I can no longer distinguish between intricately detailed alternate realities and the reality of watching them.

Already, I can’t shake the idea that the more intricate the cross-promotional details in Murdoch’s corporate empire become, the more his empire achieves an architectural likeness, cross-promotional details signaling the empire’s power like elaborate marble flourishes:

Fox’s new comedy ‘Stacked’ with Pamela Anderson is set in the family-run ‘Stacked Books.’ For those looking closely, the book shelves are lined with the titles from Harper Collins authors. Books appear on the shelves based upon what’s currently high on the NY Times bestseller’s list. For now, that includes the recent book by former GE Chairman Jack Welch, Winning, Bob Dole’s World War II autobiography One Soldier’s Story, and Michael Crichton’s new Harper Collins thriller State of Fear. ‘Stacked’ won its time period with last week’s premiere episode, earning a 3.8/10 among adults 18-49 and returns tonight. Can’t make it into your local ‘Stacked’? Check out the online bookstore www.harpercollins.com.