E-Reader Application Stanza Counts One Million Downloads

By Jason Boog Comment

phone.jpgLexcycle recently revealed that their iPhone and iPod Touch e-book reader had been downloaded one million times in 2008–capping off strong first year where the digital reader application made Wired‘s Best App list and the Best Free App from the 2008 Best App Ever Awards.

In an interview, Lexcycle‘s COO Neelan Choksi explained that 800,000 readers have opened the application’s digital catalog. A smaller segment of readers are using the application to read documents on their iPhone.

While the digital book industry is hard to compare, Sony announced last year that it sold 300,000 Sony Readers since the digital e-reader went on sale in 2006. Amazon has not released figures for sales of the Kindle reader, but TeleRead found unverified estimate that Amazon has sold 400,000 copies.

From the Best App Ever Awards: “Stanza has redefined how everyone thinks about reading on a mobile device. While the iPhone is not the best device for reading electronic books, it’s the device that we have.”