E-Book Keeps Hyphen in NY Times Style Guide Refresh

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

timeslogoThe word “e-book” will remain hyphenated at The New York Times, according to the publisher’s latest version of its style guide which was updated this week. However, according to the new rules, “e-mail” will now be spelled “email” on The Times’ news pages and online sites. The AP Style guide dropped the hyphen in the word back in 2011.

Other changes include the combination of “Web site”  into one uncapitalized word, as in “website.” The AP Style guide made this move in 2010. “Internet” will remain capitalized, as in, “The Internet at the office is slow.” Wired made this a lowercase word back in 2004, and many others have followed. Here is more about the style guide updates from The Atlantic Wire:

Tech words as verbsThe Times loosened its allowance of the verb “to tweet” in their writing,Times national political writer Amy Chozik tweeted. Still, Corbett explained that the style guide continues to discourage using “tweet,” “google,” or “friend” as verbs too often, because their use is too informal.