(Dragon) Riders on the Storm

By Ethan Comment


Christopher Paolini, bestselling author of the “Inheritance Cycle” books (Eragon, Eldest) has a 3rd book coming out this September. Ramping up to it Random House Children’s Books launched an innovative team-based immersive online game, Vroengard Academy , where players can learn to become Dragon Riders. I checked it out, and after failing some of the trials I think I need my nephew to help me out with it. I got kinda lost, but I’m sure the kids today will love it.

Vroengard Academy will last from June 2nd through September 26th, concluding just after the launch of the 3rd book in the Inheritance cycle, Brisingr (on sale at 12:01 a.m. on September 20, 2008) The game will also consist of a weekly sweepstakes plus a grand prize for one lucky player who will win a trip to meet Christopher Paolini near his home in Montana.

The initiative was launched by Random House Children’s Books, in conjunction with Deep Focus who worked in tandem on the game’s creation and development. Christopher Paolini was heavily involved from conception to execution.