Donate & Share Your Script with a Hollywood Production Company

By Jason Boog Comment

Trying to sell your screenplay? If you donate to a worthy cause, a production company manager will consider your script.

Screenwriter Joe Nienalt and Benderspink manager Daniel Vang have launched a campaign to raise money for heart disease and stroke research. Vang as offered to “consider you for representation” in exchange for a donation to their cause. Last year the duo raised $45,000 and helped a set of writers start their career. Check it out:

If you donate $25, Daniel will read the first ten pages of your script. If you donate $50, Daniel will read the first 50 pages (if it’s great, he won’t want to put it down after 10 or 50 pages). If you donate $100, Daniel will read your entire script (good or bad) … Numerous writers have obtained representation through our past campaigns including one talented writing team last year … You WILL hear back one way or another once you donate and submit. It may take awhile but you will definitely hear back one way or another. It may take awhile so be patient but again, you will hear back so feel free to follow up with me every so often once you submit.

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