DOJ Misses Deadline to Post 800 Public Letters

By Maryann Yin Comment

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has received more than 800 letters in public commentary in regards to the proposed ebook pricing settlement.

In a letter sent to Judge Cote, DOJ attorney Mark Ryan explained that they need time to read, sort and address all of these replies. At this point, the letters should be posted by July 20th.

Here’s more from PaidContent: “The Department of Justice was supposed to publish all of the letters it has received about the ebook pricing settlement on its website by June 25. That did not happen. Earlier this week [Bob] Kohn, an attorney and CEO of Royalty Share who previously wrote a legal brief in support of Apple and the publishers (but does not work for any of the parties involved), sent Denise Cote, the judge presiding over the case, a letter stating that the DOJ’s failure to make the letters available to the public — and to provide its response to those comments — on time violates federal antitrust rules.”

Kohn argued that the DOJ could be breaking the rules of the Tunney Act, which says that “members of the public have an opportunity to comment on the proposed settlement before it is accepted by the court.” Books of Wonder owner Peter Glassman released his own letter online via the bookstore’s website. (via Digital Book World)