Day-Job Coping Strategies

By Jason Boog Comment

In this miserable economy, it’s nearly impossible for writers to support themselves only as authors. Poet Susan DeFord has a dog-walking business (and blog), Will Leitch blogged professionally while writing a book, and many GalleyCat readers are writers working in the publishing business.

In a recent Poetry Foundation essay, this GalleyCat editor interview the poet Rodrigo Toscano about how he balanced his work at a labor organization while writing “Collapsible Poetics Theater.” Here’s his extremely focused schedule: “He writes from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m., then heads to work. After leaving the office, he keeps a strict exercise schedule–either running or swimming. In the evening, he edits his writing from the morning, often showing final drafts to his partner, the poet Laura Elrick, for feedback.”

Day-job coping skills invaluable for the 21st Century writer. If you are a published writer juggling day-jobs and writing, email GalleyCat–we’d love to share your day-job wisdom (and frustration) with fellow travelers.