Cory Doctorow on the Clean Reader App

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Inktera recently released an app that lets readers edit their own eBook collections with the promise of hiding profanity from children.

Many writers¬†criticized the app for the nature of its censorship.¬†Author & activist Cory Doctorow thinks the app and its users might be stupid but argues that the app makers have “the right to express a stupid idea.”

Here is an excerpt:

You have the right to rearrange the words on your screen in private. This goes without saying. You have the right to insert serial commas in my sentences. To change “Ios” to “iOS” (or vice versa). To line out the profanity and replace it with stupid euphemisms. I might call you a fool for doing it, but I would never say you should be prohibited from doing it.