Cigarette Dispensers Refurbished as Book Vending Machines

By Jason Boog Comment

bookmachine.pngCigarettes and books have been linked together since the very first literary salon. In this healthful age, one publisher has changed cancer stick dispensers into book machines (pictured, via)–keeping the smoky charm without any of the side effects.

Here’s more from Publishing Perspectives: The publisher has refurbished and repurposed old cigarette automats for the purpose of selling books, focusing on the neighborhood surrounding the University of Hamburg. The books–all original texts by Hamburg authors, ranging from graphic novels to poetry to a travel guide for professional women–will each cost four euros. As reported in the Boersenblatt, the titles will also be available for purchase online.”

Earlier this year we reported how one company is wrapping print editions of classic stories in fake cigarette packs that fit easily inside your pocket or purse–the perfect books for the new machine. (Via Victoria Strauss)