Carnegie Mellon Professor: ‘Piracy Harms Sales’

By Jason Boog Comment

AppNewser editor Dianna Dilworth has been covering Digital Book World 2013 all day, bringing back some digital reading intelligence for our readers.

Carnegie Mellon University IT & marketing professor Michael D. Smith talked about digital book piracy: “‘Piracy harms sales,’ he said, claiming that while 3 studies have been published suggested that piracy doesn’t hurt sales, 25 others have shown that piracy is bad for sales. ‘There are options to use legitimate distribution channels to convince people who have stolen your content to buy it.'”

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Panelists also discussed the tricky art of eBook discounting: “Discounting is not for everyone. Karen Lotz, CEO of Candlewick Press said that while some publishers offer discounts to try to move units, it may not be worth it in the long run. She said that eBook pricing is a, ‘balancing act in investing in marketing and making prices very attractive.'”

FInally, Teddy Goff, digital director of Obama for America, explained what app makers can learn from the Barack Obama campaign.