Candace Bushnell Gets Enhanced Edition: Sex and the City on Your iPhone

By Jason Boog Comment


Enhanced eBooks are coming to a chick lit book near you. Today eBookNewser reported that the newest Sex and the City tome by Candace Bushnell has a brand new enhanced edition prequel to the Sex in the City Series.

Here’s more from the post: “[It’s] prequel to the books that spawned the craze: The Carrie Diaries, which comes out today as a book, eBook, and enhanced eBook app [iTunes link]. The app, created by Enhanced Editions for HarperCollins, features an audiobook that reads aloud while showing you the text (like a kids’ eBook!), video content, and “night mode,” which isn’t anything sexy, just white text on a black background. It’s $14.99 from iTunes. The Kindle edition costs good old $9.99.”

For enhanced eBook information, check out our exclusive interview with Enhanced Editions co-founder Peter Collingridge (pictured, via) and Canongate digital editor Dan Franklin–talking about what digital reading will be like in a post-iPad world.