Bulletpoints from the Brits

By Carmen Comment

The Telegraph profiles Ottakar’s chief James Heneage, who “fears for his career” now that former Waterstone’s founder Tim Waterstone is back in the running to buy his company back — on the condition that they don’t buy Heneage’s company. All rather nervewracking, isn’t it….

It looks ever more certain that Bertelsmann will be listed on the stock exchange next year as GBL — one of its major shareholders — gets closer to selling out its share, the Guardian reports.

Tesco, the king of supermarkets in the UK, has tried to move into the US unsuccessfully for years. But now it may succeed…in Santa Monica?

Is the Orange Prize really necessary, or is it a level playing field for women in the prizegiving market? The Guardian weighs the pros and cons.

Why are sports books getting fatter? And is that really necessary? The Telegraph looks more deeply into that particular question.

And finally, the Bookseller reports that the London Book Fair really will start on a Monday in 2007, after rumors had been swirling this would be the case. As well, the Fair will take place in 2 halls (rather than one) at the ExCeL.