Books into Theme Parks

By Carmen Comment

If there’s a third one out there, then I can safely call the transformation of books into theme parks a bona fide trend. But for now, let’s gawp at the latest news on this front:

First is the announcement that Dickens World, a theme park devoted to – you guessed it – the work and life of Charles Dickens, has had its opening delayed to May 25. The BBC reports that the one-month delay of the four-acre attraction in Chatham, Kent had been caused by a problem with the standard of some of the materials supplied for their interactive shows. A spokeswoman said: “Dickens World is a complex visitor attraction. Some of the elements for the interactive displays are coming from overseas and at a project meeting this morning it was decided that they weren’t sufficiently finished to our standards.”

Then there’s the inevitable theme park for Harry Potter, as the Sun reports Universal Studios is close to finalizing a deal to build Harry Potter World at its amusement park in Orlando, Florida. The park, once built, will include rollercoasters and rides based on the plots of JK Rowling‘s novels. Nikki Finke actually broke the story first on her blog last Friday, and has more details on the plans. I must say I would totally ride a Quidditch-themed rollercoaster… and Ron says the final blueprints had better include a Diagon Alley shopping strip, too.