Book Coverage Slashed… Again

By Ethan Comment

Well, we’re here again. Rachel Deahl just reported on PW that

Sam Zell, the new owner of the Tribune Company, would likely try to sell the buildings that two of the chain’s marquee papers–the Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times–now occupy. The move, to cash in on highly valued properties in an attempt to ease the company’s financial woes, comes after two Tribune-owned papers, The Hartford Courant and the Baltimore Sun, announced significant staff reductions in their newsrooms… rumors have surfaced about book sections being cut at Tribune-owned papers. If the Tribune Co. does reduce page counts across its papers, history indicates that book review pages will likely be the first to go.

To top off this news, The Book Publicity Blog just reported that

RIP Newark Star-Ledger book section. Ben from Viking Penguin reports the paper is ending its Sunday Perspectives section (editorial, opinion and books) as of this Sunday and replacing it with a brief section at the back of the features section (if space allows).

Have a great weekend, everyone.