Best Writing Music of 2009, Part One

By Jason Boog Comment

cover-agaetis-200.jpgReader’s music recommendations poured in yesterday when we asked: What music did you listen to while writing this year? Which songs, albums, or artists kept you cheerful despite the hard times and inevitable cases of writer’s block?

Over the next two days, we’ll roll out these inspiring lists, enough music for any writer’s taste. Reader David Rocklin wrote: “May I suggest the ones that are almost always somewhere, deep in the background: Anything from ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis; anything by Pat Metheny; “After the Rain” by Terje Rypdal, and Sigur Ros.” (This editor’s favorite Sogir Ros record pictured, via).”

Reader Janes Gabin had other suggestions: “Doesn’t anyone listen to classical anymore? I find Elgar comforting and calming. R keeps me grounded. Schubert’s “Octet” provides a tremendous burst of energy. And when I want to write a weepy scene, all I have to do is listen to Dvorak — anything by Dvorak.”

Reader Alisa Lynn Valdes had these songs: “While writing my new YA book (will be submitted to editors Jan. 2010) I listened to a LOT of Nickelback. The theme song for the book was “Believe,” by The Bravery, also “Beautiful Nightmare” by Beyonce, and a few songs by Pitbull.”

Tune in tomorrow for more musical suggestions for writers…