Best Netflix Streaming Movies for Readers: Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature

By Jason Boog Comment

netflixlogo.pngThousands of Netflix users enjoy the “Watch Instantly” section of the popular DVD rental website–streaming movies straight to their computers or televisions. Still, it can be difficult to find the perfect movie amid the overwhelming selection.

To help literary minded movie fans with Netflix accounts surf through the overwhelming selection, here are our ten favorite Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature from the “Watch Instantly” section of Netflix. We also made a list of the ten best plays adapted into films that you can watch instantly on Netflix. Add your favorites from the Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature in the comments–we’ll do more lists for other adaptation categories soon.

Starting Out in the Evening: This Brian Morton novel adaptation stars the brilliant Frank Langella

Devil in a Blue Dress: Denzel Washington stars in this smoking adaptation of Walter Mosley’s novel.

Iris: A critically-acclaimed adaptation of John Bayley’s memoir about author Iris Murdoch.

A Scanner Darkly: A Philip K. Dick novel is adapted into a surreal cartoon

Stand By Me: A Stephen King story made for a classic film

A Boy and His Dog: Often overlooked adaptation of a great Harlan Ellison story

The Omega Man: A Richard Matheson novel adapted into a campy Charlton Heston film

Dune: David Lynch directs the Frank Herbert classic

The Basketball Diaries: Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this adaptation of Jim Carroll’s autobiographical novel

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men: David Foster Wallace stories are turned into a quirky indie film